USV Boosters
The next USV Booster meeting will be held in the choir room on Tuesday July 29th at 6pm. 
Supply List
Here are the student supply list for the 2014-2015 school year.
Jr. High

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Basketball Camp
Click Here, for more information about girls and boys basketball camps. 
May 2014, 5 Year Forecast
The Five Year Forecast for May 2014 can be found here. 
Academic Awards Assembly

On May 23rd at 1:30p.m. in the MS gym, the USV Middle School along with grades 5 and 6 will be holding its annual Academic Awards Assembly. The students receiving Awards from each teacher are:

Mrs. Krummrey: Zack Britton, Kinsie Klingler, Collin Dyer, Allison Moore, Kenndey Paugh

Mrs. Hopkins: Charles Seimet, Kennedy Paugh, Allison Moore, Kennedy Paugh, Peyton Hall

Mrs. Hurley: Rylee Shepherd, Evan Lyle, Meredith Bischoff, Meredith Bischoff, Braden Deal, Briona Hurley, Karson Kieth

Mrs. Clum: Jozlynn Ross, Rylee Shepherd, Meredith Bischoff, Mason Dotson, Gwendalyn Purtee

Mrs. Lowery: Mercedes Foor, Kinsie Klingler, Dakota Moore, Braden Deal

Miss Chamberlain: Rhyley Vermillion, Dakota Roy, Briona Hurley, Nathan Manns, Allison Moore, Nathan McDowell, Meredith Bischoff, Alex Gayheart, Miriam Lee, Christian Yaussy

Mr. Spencer: Wayne Lowery, Brianna Cotton

Mrs. Underwood: Mikayla Wolford, Alexis Christon

Mr. Becker: Alexis Christon, Mikayla Wolford

Mr. Inniger: Mikayla Wolford, Seneca Henkle

Mr. Thompson: Brady Hipsher, Alexis Christon

Mrs. Sanders: Mikayla Wolford, Alexis Christon

Mrs. Wells: Korwin Kurtz

Mr. Coder: Tessa Shirk, Kolton Keith

Mrs. Thompson: Alexis Christon

Mr. Price: Stevie Clark

Mrs. Williams: Kinsie Klingler, Braden Deal, Kolton Keith

Ms. Daring: Peyton Hall, Gwendalyn Purtee, Shyanne Howard, Mikayla Wolford

Mrs. Beiler: William Violand, Jeffrey Parkins

Thank You for Supporting our Students!  

USV JR High Track Families
On Monday, May 12, USV will be hostin the Jr. High Hardin County track meet beginning at 5:30pm.  As this is always a huge event with lots of people in attendence, we are looking for the concession stand donations for the following:
- Sloppy Joes
- Hamburger Buns
- Fruit (Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Cuties)
If you are able to provide and of the items listed above it would be GREATLY appreciated. Please have all donation to the concession building at the track no later the 5pm.  Also, if you are able to help work during the meet, we would also appreciate it.
Thank you for your continued support of our athletes and our school.  GO RAMS!!

USV Boosters
TESTING Schedule
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Grades 3-8
Grades K-2
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