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USV Reopening Guidelines (Updated: 8/25/2020)

USV Community,  

As we prepare to start school next week, please find enclosed our reopening guidelines for our families.  After you have reviewed this information if you have any questions please contact the school.  A few of the highlights are listed:

1)      There will not be an hour delay on Wednesdays until January at the earliest.

2)      Students will start on Thursday, August 13 rather than Wednesday, August 12.

3)      Facial coverings are required by order of Governor DeWine on Tuesday, August 4 for all K-12 students.  USV will work to allow students breaks for the use of facial coverings.

Again, if you have any questions contact the school and we will do our best to answer these questions.


Craig M. Hurley

Craig M. Hurley


Care about ALL kids!

“It is a Great Day to Learn”

Reopening Guidelines/Procedures

For Families

2020/2021 School Year





1)      Changes to plans will be communicated through various means.  Including the school website, Facebook, One-call system, US Mail, text messaging

2)      Health and safety protocols will be explained and modeled to the students at the beginning of the school year.  These will be reinforced throughout the year.  Changes and/or updates will be explained and communicated with students.

Opening to the school year changes


  • There will be no Open House 

2)      Teacher Professional Development Day on Monday, August 10

3)      Teacher workday on Wednesday, August 12

4)      Classified PD day on Wednesday, August 12

5)      Students first day on Thursday, August 13

6)      Wednesday mornings will not have an hour delay until January at the earliest.

Class sizes for instruction

The weekly decision will be made on the preceding Thursday following the release of the updated level on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

a)      When Hardin County is listed under Level 1 Yellow or Level 2 Orange, USV will keep class sizes the same.  (All students are face to face)

b)      When Hardin County is under Level 3 Red, USV will implement a blended learning plan.  (During blended learning plan K-6 grade students will report to school as normal, 7-12 will attend by group/cohort two days a week.  

c)      When Hardin County is listed Under Level 4 Purple, USV will implement a 100% remote learning option.

Security vs. Health concerns

1)      All classroom doors will remain open during the school day. Classroom doors may be closed (not totally shut or latched) during the school day if there is a reason to do so.  Examples:  taking an assessment, room beside a high traffic area, showing a movie…  However, only staff should touch the doors  to open and close them.  If a student leaves to use the restroom or another reason, please leave the door all the way open until he/she returns to the room

2)      Bathroom doors will be propped open.  (These are designed so that even when door is open you cannot see into the restroom area)

3)      Visitors to the building will be very limited.


Visitor Procedures

1)      Screening 

a)      Vendors - will be screened at the main office and will follow all safety procedures required for staff

b)      Visitors will be very limited.  If necessary, an appointment should be made.  Visitors will be required to complete the Covid-19 symptoms check and follow all safety procedures of staff while in the building.

2)      Volunteers will not be permitted in the building.

3)      All groups using the USV school building or facility must follow all safety procedures that are put into place.


Signs of Illness/Nurse’s Office

1)      Students should not come to school if they have any of the symptoms of Covid-19

a)      Temperature above 100°

b)      Cough

c)      Shortness of breath

d)      Body aches

e)      Vomiting or diarrhea 

f)       Fatigue

2)      First period or home room teachers will complete a health check with students daily.

3)      If students are sick, they should follow the same procedures as before and notify the appropriate school staff of the absence.

4)      If a student becomes ill at school, they will be immediately removed from other people in the building and will be sent home.

5)      Student visitation to the nurse’s office will be limited.  The nurse will be going to see students rather than students coming to the office.

6)      As stated, before the nurse’s office will be very limited for students.  A student must have explicit permission from a teacher to go to the nurse’s office.

7)      Chronic health information will be shared as in the past on a need to know basis.


Facility Preparations

1)      Cleaning Protocols will be increased.

2)      There will be four entries used this year rather than the two that were used last year.  (See Arrival and Dismissal for details)

3)      Transitions and common areas will have protocols posted and explained for social distancing reasons.  More specific information will be provided by the principal for each building.

  • PPE – Facial coverings are being provided to students that need them.  As of now facial coverings will always be required for all staff/adults.  All students will be required to wear facial coverings on school transportation and throughout the school day.  USV will work to create times for safe breaks of wearing facial coverings.  If outside, a student can remove the facial covering if 6-foot social distancing protocols are maintained.  

5)      Student needs.  If there are specific needs a student has that may cause a concern for any of these protocols, please contact the principal.  If these needs are of a medical nature please, contact both the principal and the school nurse.

6)      Handwashing and hand sanitizing - There will be extra hand washing required during the school day.  There will be handwashing stations in all K-6 classrooms.  There will also be hand sanitizer available in all classrooms and other locations.

7)      Health and safety protocols will be explained and modeled to the students at the beginning of the school year.  These will be reinforced throughout the year. 

8)      Limiting of spaces:

a)      Restrooms - limit of four students at a time

b)      Cafeteria will have limited seating

c)      Hallway/transition protocols will be implemented by principals, this will include the use of facial coverings for grades 4-12 during transition times

Classroom Instruction and Learning Activities

  • Community supplies will be limited to only those that are necessary for education.  Supplies used communally will be disinfected between use.

2)      There will be procedures to follow for students planning on completing Home Based Instruction.  However, this will not be as good as face to face learning.  The Home Based Instruction programs will follow state standards.

3)      Students will not leave assigned rooms to assist in other rooms as has been done in the past.

4)      All students will be provided with a Chromebook in grade 1-12.  

5)      The backpack rule that was instituted last year in grades 7-12 for safety reasons may be adjusted to limit student congregation at lockers.

6)      Parent/teacher conferences in the fall will take place.  The way these occur will be decided and communicated later.

7)      Recess will occur with the following protocols.

a)      Maintain a 6-foot social distance policy

b)      Disinfect hands before and after recess

c)      Disinfect equipment, high touch surfaces between groups

d)      Limiting the number of students at a time on the playground

            Social and Emotional Learning Supports

1)      USV has added the School and Community Resource Coordinator position to assist students with all their needs.  (social, emotional, physical, health…)

2)      Social/Emotional supports will be expanded through RAMS time and homeroom activities, and the addition of a social skills class for grade K-3.  

3)      Needs of the students will determine if these programs need expanded or adjusted.

Student Discipline

1)      Students that refuse to comply with safety procedures may face consequences under the student code of conduct for insubordination.

2)      Student discipline issues will be handled in much the same way as previous years.  With the exception that students should be sent to the office in only extreme circumstances.  Principals will call students to the office as needed.

Enrichment Activities

1)      Co-curricular and Extracurricular groups will continue to operate as long as all safety protocols are followed.  There may be additional protocols placed on these groups based on the individual program.

2)      There will be no field trips during the school day until further notice.  

3)      Fundraising will be completed in the same manner as the past.  Keep in mind we must follow the Smart Snacks guidelines for items sold or delivered at school.

4)      School clubs that have the ability to meet virtually would be encouraged to do so.

5)      Spectators at these events will be decided on a case by case manner.  There will be guidelines created for spectators.


Informational Technology

1)      Devices will not be exchanged between students or staff.  If a device needs to be fixed a teacher should contact Drew and let him know.  He will then pick up the device or make arrangements for the device to get to him.

2)      USV has purchased Chromebooks for grades 1-12.  There is a limited supply of loaner Chromebooks that may be available if one breaks.  

3)      USV is looking into all options for technology offerings for our students.  Including, the possibility of purchasing hot spots for students.


1)      Masks and hand sanitizer will be available for students entering the bus.  All students will be required to wear facial coverings while on school transportation.

2)      Seating will be two per seat and three may be used if all are from the same residence.  

3)      Buses will be sanitized between each route.

4)      Bus stops will not be monitored to ensure social distancing.  For this reason, we are adding more stops to the routes to allow for less students at each stop.  Seating: load from back to front in the morning and reverse in the afternoon to limit passing in aisles.

5)      More specific procedures and protocols will be given to students by the transportation department.

Arrival and Dismissal

1)      USV will be entering through 4 doors this year rather than just the two that were used last year.  All students' temperatures will be taken while entering the building.  

a)      Bus riders will enter through the back doors.  7-12 students will enter on through the north door nearest the transportation office.  PK - 6 will enter through the south door by Officer Mulligan’s old office.

b)      Non-bus riders will enter through the front doors.  7-12 students will enter through the north door to the right of the flagpole.  K-6 will enter through the south door to the left of the flagpole.  Pre-school will enter through the south end of the building nearest the classroom.

2)      There will be extra staff on duty for arrival and dismissal of students.

3)      Additional procedures will be given by the principals.

4)      Students arriving late or leaving early will be handled as previous with the following changes:

a)      Parents do not need to come into the building to sign students out

b)      Parents can call office from cell phone and someone will escort the student out or parents can come up to the door and use the intercom system to have the student dismissed

Breakfast and Lunch

1)      Cafeteria tables will have limited seating and assigned seats will be used at lunch time.

2)      Breakfast procedures will remain the same for K-6 students and this will take place in the classroom.  7-12 breakfast procedures will be given to students by cafeteria staff and principal.

3)      Cleaning procedures were already very good in the cafeteria.  This will continue and be added to, to ensure safety.

4)      More detailed procedures and protocols will be provided by Mrs. Daring, Mrs. Jeffers and Mrs. Thompson

Restroom Procedures

1)      There will be a limit of four students in a restroom at a time.  

2)      Teachers will monitor this in the elementary.  The HS/MS students will self-monitor the number of students.

3)      Restrooms will be checked periodically by teachers.  Custodial staff will be disinfecting restrooms throughout the school day.

4)      Water fountains will be shut off.  We have ordered touchless water filling stations for all water fountains.  Students will need to have a refillable water bottle with them daily.

Main Office Visits

1)      Office phones may be used by students or staff.  They will need to be disinfected after each use.

2)      Parents and students will have limited access to the main office area.  An appointment should be made to come to the office when possible.

3)      Meetings that need to take place with parents will be held in the conference room.

4)      Paperwork will be encouraged to be filled out online whenever possible.

Budgetary Concerns

Many of the new protocols and procedures outlined above will come at a financial cost to the district.  USV will keep a close watch on the financial implications of these protocols and procedures.  However, we will not allow finances to put the safety of students and staff at risk.

This plan is a fluid document and may need to be changed or adjusted based on the needs of the students and staff.

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