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USV Delays/Cancellations
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About USV

Some of the things that make our school great:

  • We are a 1:1 school district for grades 3-12.  This means that all kids have their own chromebooks at the school for grades 3-6.  Starting in the 7th grade all kids are able to take thier chromebooks home to complete online cirriculum.  
  • Part of the online curriculum includes NWEA MAP testing and Compass Learning.  The MAP scores allow us to create accommodated online curriculum into Compass Learning for all students K-8, to help improve student acedemic growth and perfomance.
  • Curriculum Mapping is in the process of being updated and implemented at all grade levels.
  • We are beginning a two year process of implementing Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) in all grades for teachers and students to collect data for learning.
  • Our district is in the process of recreating the District Improvement Plan. 
Additional Facts About USV: 
  • USV is located in the rural farming community of McGuffey, Ohio. 
  • The mascot is the Ram. USV's mascot was named the Ram as an acronym for the first letter of the three surrounding communities we serve; Roundhead, Alger, and McGuffey.
  • USV is also known for being the first school in Ohio to have won a State Championship in Girls and Boys basketball in the same year.
510 South Courtright PO Box 305 St. McGuffey, Ohio 45859      P 419.757.3231     F 419.757.0135
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